Family History

Antonino Alessi

In 1947, the Nation was celebrating the end of World War II. Some 40 years earlier, Antonino Alessi and his family immigrated from their native Sicily to come to America, the land of opportunity.  Tampa, then a sleepy port town known mainly for handmade cigars, was chosen as home.  At age 19, Antonino (Tony) landed a job as a salesman for a national company, and quickly became one of their best.  Time went on and Tony's success continued.  Always looking to the future however, he realized he would be faced with a dilemma.  The company he worked for had policy that would not allow family members to be hired.  Concerned with providing for the welfare of his two sons and desiring to establish an opportunity for his family to work together, Tony left the security of his career position to build Vigo Importing Company.  In so doing, he displayed that same pioneering spirit that guided his parents to America a generation before, a spirit which continues today at Vigo Importing into the third generation.  Together with their father, sons Tony Jr., and Alfred have brought Vigo Importing Company from its humble origins to what is now a multi-million dollar corporation with national and international sales.

In these days of corporate raiders and huge multi-national conglomerates, Vigo Importing Company is somewhat an anachronism.  We remain a family business, squarely attuned to the changing needs of the marketplace and clearly aware of what has brought us this far: quality, innovation and value.  We use only the best and freshest ingredients to produce truly unique products at economical prices.  We search the world for new tastes and products and strive to bring them to you.

You see, at Vigo Importing Company food is our business.  And we take it seriously.  We strongly feel that the quality and variety of the food you eat enriches your life, and we pledge to do all we can to provide you with products of which we are proud.