At Vigo, we care about each and every family that relies on us – from customer to employee. In response to COVID-19, we have set into place an unprecedented degree of safety measures with everyone’s well-being at heart. These enhanced protocols are being implemented at every level of every working hour, every we can continue to provide your family with all the quality products you’ve come to expect from Vigo.

We have minimized all human contact in both our factories and our corporate offices.

We have already implemented a temporary “work from home” policy for all employees who can reasonably complete their jobs remotely. We have also temporarily suspended all work-related travel. In addition, we have implemented a quarantine period for any employee who must travel for personal reasons.

Absolutely nobody, other than authorized personnel, is permitted beyond our doors.

Vigo’s commitment to taking care of families means taking care of our associates and their families, too. To protect and isolate our associates and maintain the strictest safety protocols Vigo has ever put in place, all meetings and appointments with customers and suppliers are now done through teleconferencing. Nobody from outside our company, except for authorized personnel, is permitted within our corporate offices or production facilities. No exceptions.

We’ve conducted intensive employee training on social distancing measures.

In addition to stringent cleanings and nonstop sanitation checks, we have created additional break areas and break times to give our production and warehouse staff abundant space to practice responsible social distancing. We are also disseminating CDC and WHO health updates to all employees via email on a regular basis as we receive them.

We’ve implemented a sanitation task force to clean and re-clean, nonstop.

A full-time sanitation task force has been charged with cleaning and sanitizing key contact areas, both within the corporate office and the production facility/warehouse, multiple times per day. Each and every cleaning is verified and logged in a sanitization chart. Production personnel is also being provided with additional PPE supplies (gloves, face masks, smocks), and alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been stationed in all offices and at the entrance/exit of every single production room.

We’re working overtime so that more families can move forward safely in the days ahead.

At Vigo, we’ll let nothing stand in the way of putting good, quality foods on every table. We are currently working overtime (weekends, too) to keep up with demand. We have also increased orders of raw materials and ingredients in advance to avoid potential shortages. And to be prepared for any potential personnel challenges, key positions have been cross-trained to insure continuity with minimal interruption.

Together, we’ll overcome the challenges of today and enjoy a healthier, safer tomorrow!

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