Couscous is often called a grain since it is often prepared similarly to rice. In fact, couscous is actually pasta. It is made from semolina sprinkled with water and hand rolled into small pellets. The pellets are then sprinkled with flour to keep them from sticking.

Couscous comes from northern African countries. It’s a staple food in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. It symbolizes luck and blessings so it is traditionally prepared to celebrate a holiday in North Africa.

Since it picks up the flavors of what it is cooked with, couscous is traditionally served along with meat or vegetable stew.  It is a good base for meals due to its mild taste. Customarily, a mound of couscous in made with a well in the center. The well is then usually filled with stewed meats.

It is a simple meal to prepare. Like rice, you simply add to boiling water. You can add in any other ingredients you wish also. When couscous is properly cooked, it should turn out light and fluffy, not gummy or gritty.

Couscous is also a healthy alternative. It is actually healthier than most other pastas. It’s a good source of carbohydrates, while also being low in fat. And couscous has no cholesterol! The versatility, healthy attribute and ease of preparation of couscous make it a great choice for your dinner tonight! Check out our recipe section for recipes featuring Vigo Couscous!

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