Vigo 14 oz Artichoke Hearts Whole

Item # 1235
Vigo 14 oz Artichoke Hearts Whole

Single Unit - 14 oz
Artichokes are the premature buds of a plant from the thistle family. They have strong protective leaves around a wiry choke which contains the tender edible part of the plant. Our Vigo Artichoke Hearts have made it effortless to enjoy this delicious Mediterranean specialty. Vigo Artichoke Hearts are a tasty addition to ordinary salads, omelets, pasta dishes, grilled meats, or antipasto trays.

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  • Country of Origin: PER
  • Packed in: USA
  • Best By Date/Location: ; under can
  • Serving Suggestions:
  • Allergy Warning: None
  • Attributes: No Hydrogenated Oils


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