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Vigo 0.18 oz Saffron

Single Unit - 0.18 oz
Saffron is a native spice of Asia. Used since ancient times, it has remained highly prized for its unique taste and aroma and the wonderful flavor it imparts to foods. Saffron is derived by picking the filaments or stigmas of a particular crocus plant, Crocus Sativus. It takes about 75,000 flowers to yield one pound of saffron. Labor intensive cultivation makes saffron one of the world's most expensive spices. Nontheless, it is a traditional flavoring of many European dishes, such as French Bouillabaisse, Spanish Paella, and Milanese Risotto and in Middle Eastern cookery. Just a pinch will color and flavor one pound of rice.

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  • Country of Origin: ESP
  • Packed in: ESP
  • Best By Date/Location: ; back right
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  • Allergy Warning: None
  • Attributes: No Hydrogenated Oils, BPA Free, Natural Ingredients, No GMOs


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